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Outdoor Wi-Fi Made Easy With EnStationAC
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Outdoor Wi-Fi Made Easy With EnStationAC

Installing a wireless network outdoors can be challenging. Equipment has to be placed in hard-to-reach locations, power outlets are typically nowhere to be found, and the threat of inclement weather is always a concern. Often times, adding video surveillance cameras to an outdoor network makes installation even more daunting. EnGenius has a solution!

The EnGenius EnJet EnStationAC 5GHz Outdoor 802.11ac Wave 2 Wireless Client Bridge/AP features Time Division Multiple Access. This means the EnStationAC is able to cut through RF-congested environments within Point-to-Point/MultiPoint applications. The EnJet EnStationAC assigns time slots to each station; this provides faster and more stable performance, while avoiding the hidden node issue. The EnGenius EnStationAC also utilizes a high-gain 19 dBi dual-polarized directional antenna that extends the network up to 5 miles point-to-point. Use the secondary PoE pass through Gigabit port to power an additional PoE-compliant device such as an IP surveillance camera.

Three Steps to Reliable Long-Range, High-Speed Wi-Fi Surveillance:

  1. Get a free Wireless Network Design Proposal from EnGenius Technologies.
  2. Install EnStationACs with security cameras tethered to secondary ports.
  3. Enjoy stable, robust connectivity, optimal bandwidth, and high-speed data rates.

Benefits of implementing EnGenius EnJet into Your Solution:

  • Minimize Cable Runs
  • Avoid Permits with No Trenching
  • Save Time with Easy Setup
  • Cost Savings

Why Choose EnStationAC?

  • Video streams from tethered cameras travel back to your central location with significantly better results than traditional non-tethered wireless surveillance setups.
  • EnStationAC is designed to perform in harsh environments, with an IP55 rated waterproof and dustproof casing that protects it from sunlight, extreme cold, frost, snow, rain, humidity, and more.
  • Beamforming optimizes antenna signal, reception, and reliability
  • High 26 dBm transmit power extends; high Gain 19 dBi Directional Antennas
  • EnWiFi app - Simple, Intuitive interface for AP configuring & monitoring & management

Speak with an SES representative today to learn why EnStation is perfect for your next wireless project!