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Add hardwired input devices to Interlogix Panels | SES | Security Equipment Supply

Add Hardwired Input Devices to Interlogix Panels
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Add Hardwired Input Devices to Interlogix Panels

This 8-Zone Input Expansion Snapcard from Interlogix enables Concord panels to allow hardwire input devices. The 60-757 also expands Advent panels and SuperBus 80Z Input/16 Output Modules to allow for additional hardwire input devices.

The Interlogix 60-757 8-Zone Input Expansion Snapcard can be installed into either the primary or secondary expansion slot and can be used in combination with other cards.

The Interlogix 60-757 Card Includes:

  • Two 12V two-wire smoke detector loops. These provide power (100mA) to Style B (Class B) smoke detectors.
  • Six supervised UL Fire rated hardwire loops that can be used for any hardwire device. Hardwire devices include: Four-wire smoke detectors, gate valve switches, carbon monoxide gas detectors, assorted other gas detectors, fire pulls, water flow detector switches, control valve supervisory switches, butterfly valve switches, rate-of-rise detectors, and standard burglar devices.
  • False alarm prevention. When the panel receives an alarm from a smoke detector, the panel briefly interrupts power to the smoke loop. The smoke detectors reset and recheck the alarm.

The 60-757 8-Zone Input Expansion Snapcard and other great low voltage supplies from Interlogix are available at your local Security Equipment Supply.

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